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Down pillows are widely recognized as offering the most comfort. However, as pillows age, the down begins to disintegrate, creating allergic dust. It’s not the down that triggers allergies; it is the dust. As a result, millions of perfectly good pillows are thrown into the landfill each year. Rather than throwing away good pillows and good money, let Pillow-Vac clean and revitalize old down pillows, restoring them to their original fullness and comfort.

Pillow-Vac cleans your pillow’s down first by fluffing out the dust, then by cleaning and deodorizing the down with ozone-emitting ultraviolet light. Your clean down is then blown into a new, 100% cotton ticking. In under 4 minutes, Pillow-Vac can revitalize those old, dusty down pillows and make them incredibly comfortable and soft once again.

What Our Clients Say

Dear John,

Just a few lines to let you know what we think about the Pillow-Vac. to be very frank, I really don't see how any hotel, motel or hospital that uses feather pillows can afford not to have one. We renovated 300 pillows after receiving our Pillow-Vac with some very impressive results. the quality of the finished product is outstanding. We have about 3000 pillows at our hotel which will be renovated this year. You will be receiving another order for more feathers and ticking shortly.

Thank you,
Bill Darst
Hyatt Regency Dallas


I’ve had my Pillow-Vac since 1992 and found it to be the best sideline I’ve ever offered. It’s a real money maker, even in my small town. Actually, through my website, I’ve had people send me pillows to be cleaned from all over the country. If any cleaner asked me about whether or not this was a viable income source I’d tell them they were crazy if they didn’t have a Pillow-Vac.

Thank You,
Ed Longanecker
Iris City Cleaners, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Dear John,

I want to tell you what a great machine your Pillow-Vac is. We have been using it almost daily in upgrading our rooms, here at the Beverly Hills Hotel. What a beautiful sight to see what appears to be a brand new pillow. ... I am saving over $16.50 on every pillow. We use to send them out to be cleaned and if they did not come clean then we either recovered them or threw them out. Now we have a great looking, good smelling and very plump pillow for around $2.75 each. Thanks, thanks, and more thanks.

Sincerely yours,
Alice Stephens
Director of Housekeeping
Beverly Hills Hotel

Dear John,

Just a quick note to tell you how satisfied we are with your pillow machine, your ticking products, and your service. As a 550 room, five-star resort hotel, we must pay particular attention to our pillows. Prior to installing your machine, we had to wash all our feather pillows. This took a great deal of time and effort, especially the drying. Now we sanitize the feathers, put a new tick on and we have a new pillow. This has saved the Hotel a great deal of money on replacement pillows. We also have a retail business and our customers love their "new" pillows at a fraction of the cost of replacing their old one...

Steve Gates
Broadmoor Hotel Laundry and Drycleaners

Dear John,

I just want you to know how pleased we are with the Pillow Machine we purchased earlier this year. It has been a great asset to our hotel. Many of our guests have requested a certain size pillow for their stay. Some like a large, fluffy pillow and others like smaller, flatter pillows. We now can accommodate both with out a special purchase. In a few short minutes all of our special pillow requests are filled and delivered. We also have had many guests asking to purchase our pillows. That is the highest compliment we can receive...

Director of Guest Room Services
Pan Pacific Hotel
San Fransisco

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