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Cleaning and Renovating Pillows with Pillow-Vac’s Cost-Saving, Green Method

An average down-filled pillow’s replacement cost is about $26.35.  To renovate a down-filled pillow with the Pillow-Vac machine including new ticking, average labor costs and an average amount of added down fill the cost is only $8.56.  Based on the current cost of a Pillow-Vac machine a hotel would only have to renovate 240 pillows for a complete return on investment. 

“The Pillow-Vac has been a tremendous asset to The BroADmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado. We use it daily with about 60 pillows a week being restored,” says Ray Current, laundry manager of the hotel.  “I have been with the BroADMoor for 12 years.  For nine years prior I worked at three Hyatts.  For these past 21 years, all of these hotels had a Pillow-Vac.  I can’t imagine working without one.” 

The Pillow-Vac gets rid of dust mites while cleaning pillows.  The operator simply empties the contents of the old pillow into a tumble chamber having four rotating brushes and an ozone-emitting ultra violet light.  This light kills bacteria and staff infectious germs and deodorizes the filling while sifting dust that comes from the decomposition of feathers.  The filling is then blown into a new ticking, turning the old pillow into a like-new pillow without the problems associated with washing it.    

Linda Williamson, The BrOADmoor’s buyer, said pillow replacement due to pillow failure is almost non-existent. “With 700 guest rooms and suites I had to purchase less than 100 in 2007.  That is incredible.  The Pillow-Vac restoration process, which only takes a few minutes per pillow, basically makes a new pillow with the new ticking and renovated filling at a much lower cost than buying new pillows.”

“To be frank, I don’t see how any hotel, motel or hospital that uses feathered pillows can afford not to have a Pillow-Vac.” – Bill Darst, Hyatt Regency, Dallas.

For more information on pillow renovation and the Pillow-Vac visit or call (800) 845-8240.

The amount of space required in a landfill to dispose of pillows as well as the cost to dispose of them is nearly eliminated. 

“I am saving over $16.50 on every pillow.”  — Alice Stephens, director of housekeeping, Beverly Hills Hotel.

Savings For Hotels

Consider this example from several years ago of a hotel’s solution when forced with the need to replace all their pillows.

3200 new down/feather pillows through their corporate office @ $21.50 = $68,800

Renovating and Buying New Pillows Via Harris Pillow Supply:
3200 pillows renovated 2 into 1, then replaced the lost pillow with a new one from us.

1600 @ $5.50 = $8,800 – renovated
1600 @ $18.95 = $30,320 – new
Total Cost = $39,120

Total savings of $29,680!!!

Hotels finding easy profit with “pillow talk” as hotel guests eager to sleep on it

We’ve all the used phrase “Let me sleep on it” when a decision needs thoughtful consideration.  And more hotels than ever are restlessly tossing and turning in efforts to create added revenue in this economy. 

Taking the often-used marketing phrase “Your best prospect is your current customer” and incorporating it with “Let me sleep on it” has turned profitable for the Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City and Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans.

The Taj Mahal is selling an average of 130 pillows per month – with the exact fill and ticking used for their guest rooms – to guests who find them so heavenly they can’t sleep without them. 

“The Heavenly Down pillows, manufactured by Harris Pillow Supply, Beaufort, SC, are sought after by guests at an incredible rate,” says Peg Stasuk, Director of Housekeeping, Taj Mahal.  “We sell them at our gift shop in the main lobby.  Our guests simply pick them up as they leave and/or we can have the pillows shipped to them in a matter of days.”

It is very attractive profit for us.  And our guests love the quality and comfort the pillows provide,” added Sue Brown, Purchasing.

The Taj Mahal, known for panoramic pampering, has 1,250 deluxe guest rooms and palatial suites with over 11,700 guest pillows from Harris.  Located on the Boardwalk, it provides beachfront ocean views for its guests.  For more information on the Trump Taj Mahal visit

It’s been said that the French Quarter begins in the lobby of the Hotel Monteleone located majestically at the foot of Rue Royale Street, giving guests the best point of departure for all things New Orleans.

The Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, is a privately owned, 570-room hotel also making profit through selling Harris pillows.  For the past six years the hotel has sold a number of pillows per month through their gift shop, shipping them directly to the guest’s home for their convenience.

The added beauty of this profit center is that there is no need for the hotel to carry an inventory.  “People don’t want to leave with their arms full of pillows.  So we place an order at Harris Pillow Supply and they ship them out, usually within 24 hours,” said Katie Couvillion, Executive Office Assistant.  For more information on the Hotel Monteleone visit

Harris Pillow Supply is a pillow manufacturer able to accommodate any specifications a hotel may require regarding fill weight or feather and down blends.  They have several pillow options available for hotels, including an allergy-free Heavenly Down, Comforel®, Gold Classic, goose down, goose down-goose feather blends and others depending upon the hotel’s wishes.  “We can even make a specific blend which is exclusive to a hotel,” says John Harris, president.

“Over the years, we have received calls from hotel guests to place orders for our pillows after they either looked at our label on the pillow or inquired at the front desk.  But now, the savvy hotelier is placing pillow orders for guests, adding profit to the hotel’s bottom line,” added Harris.

For more information on Harris Pillow Supply visit or contact John Harris at or (800) 845-8240.

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